University Student Reveals How Hack...

A terrified and angry Rachel Hyndman revealed how she was spied on by hackers while she was taking a bath.  A student of 20 years old, she was using ...


Guardian Points At GCHQ for Hacking...

GCHQ, a British Intelligence Agency, had hacked foreign diplomats’ phones, emails and information exchange lines when the UK hosted international co...


Ohio Prosecutors seek plans for dea...

The public prosecutors in Ohio stated their plans on serious murder charges which could sentence the man of death penalty who was accused of locking u...


Desperate times for the UK governme...

According to an article written by Liam Byrne, the benefits cuts proposed by the government would not help Britian’s economy. The writer has des...

University Student Reveals How Hackers Spy on Women In Homes

A terrified and angry Rachel Hyndman revealed how she was spied on by hackers while she was taking a bath.  A student of 20 years old, she was using her laptop to watch a DVD in her bathroom and then noticed her webcam suddenly turned on by itself. Originally from Glasgow, the student said that she was trying to relax and then some programs turned on her laptop and she couldn’t control it.

Ms. Hyndman was terrified that people looked at her without her knowing and having not realised the fact too early. She thought of going to the police and thought the police would mock her for her report. However, authorities know about “ratting”. Hackers who send out Internet “backdoor” viruses allow them to access a person’s computer without their knowledge. It allows them to spy on the activities of their victims through built-in webcams that most laptops have.

An investigation by a British news network actually discovered that ratting is quite widespread in the United Kingdom and allowed hackers to actually watch their victims and sell this ability to people.

Victims are often fooled to download a piece of software on their computer. This link might appear an invite to click a link to see a picture or listen to a song. The remote administration tool or RAT allows them to enter the machine at any time.

The police said that webcam hacking is an undeniable offence under the Computer Misuse Act.

Guardian Points At GCHQ for Hacking Foreign Diplomats

GCHQ, a British Intelligence Agency, had hacked foreign diplomats’ phones, emails and information exchange lines when the UK hosted international conferences. It had also set up a bugged Internet café near the staying locations of the diplomats to get an edge over the high-stakes negotiations.

The report from local UK newspaper The Guardian came a few hours before Britain opened the G8 summit on Monday. The meeting had Russia, US, France and other big economy countries. The revelation can make the negotiations more difficult, according to British Academic Richard Aldrich

GCHQ’s intelligence operations involved former NSA contractor Edward Snowden and his half dozen internal government documents. According to the newspaper, the GCHQ’s operations involved hacking in to the South African foreign ministry’s computer network and the hacking of the Turkish Delegation during the 2009 G20 summit in London.

According to the Guardian, the source material was drawn from a top-secret internal network shared by both the GCHQ and US’ NSA

The recent western intelligence gathering techniques had sparked great debates among countries, leaders and citizens regarding the safety of personal data. GCHQ’s use of a customized Internet café that allowed them to extract key logging information, providing credentials for delegates made them a prime target for criticism by conservatists.

Ohio Prosecutors seek plans for death penalty on Ariel Castro

The public prosecutors in Ohio stated their plans on serious murder charges which could sentence the man of death penalty who was accused of locking up three women who vanished a decade ago. Alleged forced miscarriages to one victim are also linked to the case charge against him. The accused Ariel Castro, 52 was brought before the court earlier for the abduction and rape of the three women Amanda Berry, 27, Gina DeJesus, 23 and Michelle Knight, 32.Ms. Berry was the one to get out of the flat where they were held and called for help in the nearby inhabitants.

According to Tim McGinty, the Cuyahoga County prosecutor the charges pressed up against Castro was based on the evidences and statements of one victim who was caged in Castro’s residence that he impregnated her. Earlier on Thursday, the accused appeared in the court trial in Cleveland, handcuffed and wearing blue overalls. He did not state his appeal. Castro was arraigned of four counts of kidnapping, locking up the three women victims including the six-year-old daughter of Ms. Berry for a decade. Castro will remain in custody and the bail was set to $8m.

He was kept in isolation and placed on suicide watch according to Kathleen DeMetz, his court-appointed lawyer. During an interview in local television, Castro’s daughter Arlene sobbed. She was the last person to see Gina DeJesus before she was missing in 2004 at the age of 14. She stated the she apologized to DeJesus and the two other victims. Ms. Berry and Ms. DeJesus finally got back to their homes. While Ms. Knight stayed in the hospital in a stable condition.

Desperate times for the UK government

According to an article written by Liam Byrne, the benefits cuts proposed by the government would not help Britian’s economy. The writer has described the proposal as a hopeless and a heartless one. He added that the current year has been a desperate time for the United Kingdom Government and he was expecting Chancellor George Osborne to have a desperate move. Mr. Byrne said that Mr. Osborne’s policy is not a good strategy and merely a bad politics.

The chancellor moved further with his plans and he was not able to perform well as chancellor when he started using the crime of Mr. Mick Philpott to back up his attacks on those Brits who want to claim their benefits, according to Mr. Byrne. The article about the Chancellor has given a negative performance for the chancellor branding him to have disgusted his office. He also tagged along the Prime Minister’s name after he made a depressing decision on putting Osborne in the position of a chancellor.

He said that both the well known politicians would only want to rule and divide and put destruction on the public because of their failure. He said that both have failed in making economy of the UK grow. They would also have the control of the bill of unemployment that is said to be rising in the country. He also accused the leaders to have given the blame on the poor families in the UK who were not able to get along with the current economy situation where opportunities are not growing. Mr. Byrne criticized the government by saying that the reforms are hopeless.

Harry Potter actor Richard Griffiths Dies at 65

Actor Richard Griffiths who has appeared as Daniel Radcliff’s co-actor in the famous Harry Potter Movie series died after having complication in the heart. He was 65 years old when he died. The actor had a heart surgery and the cause of death was some of the complications right after having the said surgery.

Griffiths also starred in a show called the Pie in the Sky Ran that was aired since 1994 until 1997. He has been in the acting career for quite a long time. It was also reported that he did well in both TV and on film. He was considered a Tony-winning actor while he performs on stage. When he played the character of Vernon Dursley in the famous Harry Potter film, he was even well known. He also portrayed the role as Uncle Monty in the film entitled Withnail and I. Daniel Radcliffe has paid tribute to the actor and said that he was glad that he knew him during the important time in his career. Daniel has described the actor to be cheerful and clever.

The actor was raised and born in North Yorkshire. He stops schooling when he was fifteen and then returned to school and took drama classes. He joined the Royal Shakespeare Company and got married in the year 1980 to Heather Gibson whom he met at a production in 1973. He was a well respected man. He was said to have a lot of friends in the entertainment industry. He was respected by his friends and a statement from the Director of the National Theater, Sir Nicholas Hytner said that a lot would be devastated for his sudden death.

Heavy snow causing disruption in some parts of the UK

The weather in the United Kingdom continues to disturb the means of transportation. Heavy snow in some parts including Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England has caused so many disturbances. One report stated that a woman was trapped inside her home during a landslide that occurred in Cornwall. A body was also discovered during the search by some authorities.

Power was not accessible for the number of two-hundred thousand Belfast customers. The weather caused a blackout for longer hours before it was restored. An event in Northern Ireland that was supposed to happen over the weekend was postponed due to the bad weather that continues in different areas. The flood warnings issued by the Metropolitan Police was still on as snow continues to cover most of the South-Western part of the United Kingdom. A week before everyone can experience the British Summer Time, the weather seemed fierce.

According to some of the forecasters from BBC the thick snow that covered the roads caused too much disruption also in the northern parts last Friday. A 16 inch snow fell in different places in the North. The roads are the ones that were severely affected by the snowfall and block a lot of drivers and commuters. An added effect of the gale force winds was directed towards Pennine. Different situations were reported, there were a number of 200 schools in Northern Wales that were closed because the roads were blocked. A number of one hundred homes in Scotland experiences blackouts. Heavy snow was causing drivers hazardous conditions. The flooding has also affected Cornwall and Devon.

London’s Crossrail Project : huge archeological venture

When the excavation for the Crossrail project in London started, there were a number of thirteen skeletons that were found. Archeologists in London suspect that these bodies were dated from the time of the Black Death. It was known in history that a burial ground was located outside the city but no given location was mentioned and for years it has been a mystery to a lot of Londoners.

It was in the Charterhouse Square where the deep excavation took place with a shaft that is 5.5 meters wide. When the bodies were found an analysis was made to find out the mystery behind the plague in London that occurred in the 14th century were a lot have died due to an unknown bacteria. Londoners knew that it was called the Black Death.It was reported that when the ongoing excavation happened, the skeletons were found to be lying and positioned in neat rows. According to history, this type of burial suggested that it was from the Black Death era. During this said era a pandemic occurred and most of the people who died are placed in a mass grave that was described by many to be hazardous.

The excavation continues and more Archeologists who are working for the project together with London’s Museum would discover more remains. The Crossrail project will be done in 2018 and it will link thirty seven stations in London. The project costs £14.8 Billion. With the construction continuing, more discoveries that were considered significant by the Archeologists have surfaced. It was reported to be one of UK’s huge archeological ventures.

UK Banks face more compensation claims for mis-sold swaps

A number ok UK banks would be facing more compensation claims that would be equivalent to billions of pounds. They were charged the hefty amount of money when the FSA found out that the banks involved were mis-selling interest rate products to a lot of customers. The banks faced scandals on PPI mis-selling, and now they are already facing the recent scandal on mis-sold interest rate swaps. The scandal has been costing the banks so much money.

Most of the banks in the United Kingdom failed to comply with the regulatory requirements; this case was found out by the regulators after a thorough investigation when the scandal was brought to their concern. This was the reason why the FSA already advised the banks regarding the compensation. A source from the Vendata Hedging, which gives advice on the interest rate hedging products, said that most of the banks will be received a bill amounting to almost 10 billion pounds. Some of the banks already secured an amount but not as much as expected for compensating their customers.

The banks like HSBC have allotted about 150 million. Barclays also reserved and amount of 450 million. Then for RBS is 50 million pounds. The banks have to set aside a huge amount of money to give compensation to the victims. Since the problem was started by the banks, FSA said that they should try to solve it with their customers. The regulator is closely monitoring the banks on further actions they will be taking to settle the compensation with their customers. More information can be found about compensation claims by businesses with

A Planned Terror Attack in the UK – Thwarted

A possible threat of terror attacks could have taken place in London if four men were not arrested. The London police have caught four men who were planning a terrorist attack in London. The said men planned to use bombs and firearms. After their arrest last April in Luton, the place where they used to live, they were guilty on the charge of terrorism. The verdict was given to the men last Friday in the Woolwich Crown Court.

The police have raided their home in Luton and found a lot of evidences that would truly link them in planning for a terrorist attack. The men who were guilty were Syed Farhan Hussain, Zahid Iqbal, Umar Arshad, and Mohammed Sharfaraz Ahmed. They were collecting funds so that they will have money for terrorist activities and they have been buying survival equipment. At the very beginning they really have taken their time to plan for their attack. They were doing this since January 2011 and still continued until April 2012. The terrorist were even said to have copies of a manual that supports the Jihad.

These things are a huge threat to the safety of the people in the United Kingdom. The arrest of the four men was important and vital because there was much information that came out regarding the destructive plan that could have caused the life many. The government has been tasked to secure the safety of its people in a way that no one will be harm in terrorist attacks in the country.

Slaughtered Horses Tested Positive on Bute

A new test that revealed the presence of bute in some slaughtered horses last Thursday. The Food Standards Agency conducted the test on the horses and the veterinary painkiller known as bute was discovered in the said horses. The bute is a type of drug that is called a painkiller used by veterinarians. During the test, there were a number of two hundred carcasses and six of those tested positive. The minister of food and agriculture has released a statement that the six horses who tested positive were feared to already have entered in France.

Minister David Heath said that it was really shocking to find out that bute was indeed present in the tested carcasses. The Ministry of food and Agriculture will also conduct their investigation to find out who disobeyed the law. There might be some answerable because the carcasses tested positive, said the minister. Meanwhile, Mary Creagh, who is the shadow environment secretary, questioned the minister why the horses were still released in the food chain for consumption when in fact the ordered test commenced for the past three weeks and they already have seen that some of the horses were found out positive for bute.

The Veterinary Residue Committee told the guardian on an interview that they have already warned the Food Standards Agency regarding the issue of bute entering the food chain. According to the VRC, the presence of bute in horsemeats can have serious effects in the health of the consumers. The FSA is currently working on so many tests and collaborating with other concerned government sectors to get rid of the Horsemeat scandal.